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Reproduced from the archive of The Mary Baker Eddy Library

The Massachusetts Metaphysical College

The Massachusetts Metaphysical College was an institution founded by Mary Baker Eddy to teach Christian Science, her theological and metaphysical system of healing. Its charter was drafted in 1880 and formally issued on January 31, 1881.

Eddy was President of the College and initially the sole teacher. The subjects she advertised included Pathology, Ontology, Therapeutics, Moral Science, and Metaphysics as adapted to the treatment of disease. "Primary" and "Normal" classes were offered. Primary class in Christian Science was based on the "Recapitulation" chapter of Science and Health and taught students to be Christian Science healers. A college curriculum was sent to interested inquirers and it can be viewed hereClick link to view 000000000012 document in new window.

In 1884, Normal class was created for the purpose of training teachers of Christian Science. Students in these classes came primarily from the United States and upon graduation returned to their homes to teach their own Primary classes in Christian Science. Obstetrics classes were later added to the curriculum of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, with the purpose of training Christian Science healers to help with childbirth cases.

In May 1882, Eddy opened a Boston location for the college on Columbus Avenue. She closed the college in 1889, but in 1898 formed the Board of Education of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, which carries on the work of the College today by teaching Normal classes every three years. Normal class graduates today teach Primary courses worldwide.

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