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Reproduced from the archive of The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Christian Science institutes

On May 26, 1886, Mary Baker Eddy sent copies of the same letterClick link to view L04477 document in new window to a number of her students, asking them to open institutes that would teach Christian Science. These institutes would give Christian Science greater visibility in major cities and prevent confusion about where the public could receive accurate teaching in Christian Science. Sue Ella Bradshaw’s institute in San Jose, California, was the first to be listed in The Christian Science Journal. Her advertisement for the California Metaphysical College appeared in the July 1886 issue. In August the name was changed to The California Metaphysical Institute. Her listing stated that the institute “receives patients and affords an opportunity on the Pacific Coast for a course of instruction in the practice of Christian Science Mind-healing.” Others followed soon after with their own institutes, primarily in the American Midwest and East Coast. The institute listings in the Journal often mentioned Christian Science classes, treatment and literature for sale.

Beginning in January 1905, at the direction of the Trustees of The Christian Science Publishing Society and with Mary Baker Eddy’s consent, listings for Institutes were no longer published in the Journal. It seems that the Institutes themselves were also soon discontinued. Teachers then indicated their status in their practitioner listings where prospective students could find their contact information.

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