George W. Barry
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George W. Barry (1851-1884), a patient and then a student of Mary Baker Eddy's, was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, and spent the majority of his life living there. Eddy taught Barry in 1870 and he later served as Secretary and Treasurer of the "Society of Christian Scientists" until his resignation in May 1876. Barry also helped to finance and to negotiate the contracts for the first edition of Science and Health in 1875. After falling out with Eddy, Barry filed suit in 1877 against Eddy to recover $2,700 for services rendered. In 1879, Eddy was ordered to pay Barry $390 plus interest. Following his departure from Christian Science, he founded George W. Barry and Co., manufacturers of ink and stamps in Lynn. In 1882, he moved briefly to Topeka, Kansas, to help the growth of his business but returned to Lynn.