Julia S. Bartlett
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Julia S. Bartlett (1842-1924) was born in Windsor, Connecticut, and died in Boston, Massachusetts. Her involvement with Christian Science began in 1880 when she was healed by Asa G. Eddy. She was also a student of Mary Baker Eddy's, studying with her in 1880 (Primary class), 1884 (Normal class) and 1887 (Obstetrics class). For the remainder of her life, Bartlett was an active Christian Scientist, taking on many responsibilities, including the roles of teacher, practitioner, and lecturer. She joined the Church of Christ (Scientist) on December 25, 1881, and was one of the twelve charter members when the Church reorganized as The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in September 1892. She served on several Church committees over the next 30 years, including the Bible Lesson Committee, Business Committee, and Benevolent Committee.