Arthur T. Buswell
Arthur T. Buswell (c.1853-1928) was born in Barton, Vermont, and died in Melrose, Massachusetts. He was a student of Mary Baker Eddy's, studying with her in about July 1879 and then taking the Normal class with her in August 1884. He was also a charter member of the Church of Christ (Scientist), being elected a director and serving on various committees. In late 1879, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, to promote the Cause of Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy, in July 1882, a month after the death of her husband, Asa G. Eddy, spent time at the Buswell family home in Barton, Vermont. From January 1883 until January 1885, Buswell served as treasurer of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. He was expelled from the Christian Scientist Association on December 16, 1885 for "departing from strict morality, rectitude of character, and mental mal-practice." In 1886, he graduated from Vermont Medical School and then in 1889, he graduated from the New Church Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After this he spent most of his time working as a physician in Boston; in 1907, he was interviewed for Georgine Milmine's series in McClure's Magazine on Mary Baker Eddy.