Charles J. Eastman
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Charles J. Eastman (c.1840-1903) was born in Tilton, New Hampshire, and died in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a signatory on the charter for the Massachusetts Metaphysical College and early on, he served as a director and treasurer of the College until he was asked to resign in late 1882 by Mary Baker Eddy. Eddy's decision was prompted by Eastman's role in a scandal involving diplomas issued by the Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts, of which he was the dean even though there is no evidence that Eastman was a medical doctor. Graduates of this school were insufficiently trained and clearly incompetent. His issuance of diplomas led to charges of using the mails with intent to defraud. However, the charges were thrown out because the Bellevue Medical College had been chartered by the Commonwealth and, under the Massachusetts law of the time, had the right to issue diplomas to anyone, regardless of competence.