Henry N. Kingsbury
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Henry N. Kingsbury (1832-1907) was born in Grafton, Massachusetts, and died in Newton, Massachusetts. He spent his early life working as a mariner and then as an oil producer during the latter part of the Pennsylvania oil boom in the 1870s. He was also a Civil War veteran, serving in the army and navy under the alias "Henry W. Parker." He enlisted in the army under an alias after initially failing his medical exam for the navy. He first served in the 2nd Regiment Connecticut Heavy Artillery and was then transferred to the navy in April 1864 where he served on the USS Wabash. He was a student of Mary Baker Eddy's, studying with her in October 1876. Kingsbury and his wife, Anna I. Kingsbury (1851-1902), were active members of the Christian Scientist Association until they withdrew their membership in April 1882.