8 Broad Street in Lynn, Massachusetts, was Mary Baker Eddy's primary residence from 1875 to 1882. She purchased the house in 1875, the same year that she finished the manuscript for Science and Health and published the first edition. On July 4, 1876, she formed an association of her students at this home and held meetings in the parlor. It was also in this home that she founded the Church of Christ (Scientist), and became its Pastor. Here, Eddy conducted the first classes of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, chartered in January 1881. She married Asa Gilbert Eddy in this house on January 1, 1877. By 1882, 8 Broad Street was no longer Eddy's regular home and in December 1886, she sold it. 8 Broad Street is now a historic property owned by Longyear Museum and is open to the public.

8 Broad Street