Chickering Hall

As attendance at Church of Christ (Scientist) services grew to demand a larger space every Sunday, Mary Baker Eddy and her congregation moved from Hawthorne Hall to Chickering Hall in late 1885. Established in 1883, this concert auditorium occupied the second floor of Chickering and Sons piano showrooms at 151-152 Tremont Street, close to the corner of West Street. Together its floor and balcony seating held more than 450 people. In addition to hosting the best musical performers, newspaper advertisements show that Chickering Hall was also used for lyceum lectures, author readings, and performances by actors and comedians. Services for the Church of Christ (Scientist) were held here until 1894. At that time, the congregation moved to Copley Hall just prior to the completion of their own space, known today as the Original Edifice of The Mother Church. Chickering Hall was demolished in 1905 and replaced with a new building that housed the Chandler & Co. department store. This building has been remodeled over the years, but it still stands today at 150 Tremont Street.

151 Tremont Street

Boston MA USA